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9 critical factors for innovation success


Like it or lump it, innovation happens all the time. It happens whether you like it or not. If you want to innovate successfully, take a look at nine categories of innovation from a Harvard Business Review blog. They’ll help you ensure your innovation is on the right track. For example:

A compelling case for innovation. Unless people understand why innovation is necessary, it always loses to core business or the performance engine in the battle for resources. The performance engine is bigger, is the center of power, and can justify resources based on short term financial results. So the case for innovation has to be made, and it better be compelling.

An inspiring, shared vision of the future. Most companies anticipate the future based upon the past. Not surprisingly, the company always looks relevant in that future. However, if the past is suspended and a holistic view of the future is envisioned, then it’s easier to recognize tidal forces of change and (surprise!) the company may not look so relevant in that future. For this process, it is best to take a 10-20-year perspective. It is not about predicting the future. It is about developing hypotheses about the future.

Full story at Harvard Business Review.

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