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9 easy marketing ideas for freelancers


Though many yearn for the freelancing lifestyle, it’s easy for the vital component that is marketing yourself to go unheeded in the rush to complete jobs and build your brand with a body of work, but as James Chartrand and company at Men with Pens points out, there are a few very simple steps you can take that only cost minutes but can yield a big payoff.

Your Email Signature

This marketing tactic is deceptively simple but definitely one that’s most commonly overlooked. I ignored it myself, initially. But once I set up a great email signature, guess what happened?

I had a new client in less than a week.

In your email settings, find the section where you can add an email signature and set one up. Include your name, your profession, your website, your phone number and the link to your preferred social media profiles. If your business has a tag line, include that too…

Your About Page

Most About pages make big assumptions that your readers know who you are and what you do. It’s easy to overlook what seems obvious to you.

It’s rarely obvious to new visitors on your site.

So edit your About page and add that you’re a freelancer for hire. Mention your specialty, how long you’ve been freelancing (if you’ve been doing it for more than two years), what kind of clients you work with, and why you’re qualified for the job.

Don’t just assume that your reader knows you’re looking for clients – make it completely 100% obvious you’re available for hire.

Full story at Men with Pens.

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