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9 questions to ask before hiring a social media agency


Effectively using social media can be a great boon to your business, but the key word is “effective,” so how does one determine if the social media agency they’re looking to hire can do the job right?

Stanford at Pushing Social has nine critical questions companies should ask before handing over their social media responsibilities to an outside agency to make the most of this great medium.

1. Describe our business model?

Your agency should have an intuitive feel for how your business creates products and makes a profit. Social media is a communication tool for connecting your business with its customers. An agency can’t do this unless it understands your business.

Danger Sign: The agency spends more time talking about their services than your objectives.

2. Why do you think that Social Media is important to this organization?

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter social media programs. Social conversations are unique and are impacted by the organization’s position in the marketplace. Your agency must be willing to craft a program that accentuates your strengths and boldly addresses your weaknesses.

Danger Sign: “To a hammer – everything looks like a nail” Make sure that the agency can provide clear reasons why social is the right tool for the problem.

3. Describe a communications problem you solved with social media?

In business, every communication should drive the organization closer to its business goals. You want an agency that shares this outlook. Examining how your agency uses social to solve problems is the best way to predict their performance as a partner.

Danger Sign: Be on the lookout for agencies who point to vanity metric performance (# of Facebook fans) rather than systematic processes for identifying, diagnosing, and solving core problems.

Full story at Pushing Social.

Doing social media right.

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