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9 social media hoaxes that duped people in 2015

People fall for misinformation all the time. So it’s hardly surprising that people get duped by social media pranks engineered to reach the information-seeking public. Last year, many fell for one of these as compiled at The Toronto Star. From shark attacks to hoaxes playing on terrorism fears, they ran the gamut.

Here’s an example of The Star’s list, tongue firmly in cheek:

Unbelievably, Phuc Dat Bich turns out to be a fake name
An Australian man received global press coverage from the BBC, New York Magazine, and the Sydney Morning Herald when Facebook allegedly refused to accept his name was really Phuc Dat Bich.
Hundreds of thousands of people shared his passport photo on Facebook, mistakenly thinking it was genuine.

Even more hilariously, the prankster revealed his name to be ‘Joe Carr’ – an obvious pun on the word “joker”. Yet, the New Zealand Herald seemed to miss the wisecrack.

Full story here: Toronto Star.

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