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9 strategies for a successful mindset in the face of stress


Having the right mindset is a key component to being successful, but when circumstances beyond our control start to get the better of us, we can start losing focus fast.

To keep your sights set on your goals, Heidi Grant Halvorson at Lifehacker has nine strategies successful people use to keep stress under control and move forward in the face of obstacles.

Have Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is, in essence, cutting yourself some slack. It’s being willing to look at your mistakes or failures with kindness and understanding—without harsh criticism or defensiveness. Studies show that people who are self-compassionate are happier, more optimistic, and less anxious and depressed. That’s probably not surprising. But here’s the kicker: they are more successful, too….

Remember the “Big Picture”

Anything you need or want to do can be thought of in more than one way. For instance, “exercising” can be described in Big Picture terms, like “getting healthier”—the why of exercising—or it can be described in more concrete terms, like “running two miles”—the how of exercising. Thinking Big Picture about the work you do can be very energizing in the face of stress and challenge, because you are linking one particular, often small action to a greater meaning or purpose…

Full story at Lifehacker.

How to beat stress.

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