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9 things not to do in a business meeting


No one enjoys being the person who calls meetings everyone dreads attending, so why are eyes rolling skyward more often than they’re focusing on your presentation? Could be you’re letting one of the nine no-no’s outlined by Inc.’s Jeff Haden happen far too often.

Time to be the one who inspires employees to bring in treats.

1. You meet at a neutral site.

Meetings aren’t about words; meetings are about action. Great meetings solve problems, set new courses, create new action plans. Great meetings result in something tangible.

So why would you ever want to meet in a conference room when no product, no service, no nothing is ever produced in a conference room?

Meet where the action is, at the site of the problem or opportunity. Don’t sit in a room and stare at each other when you can focus on the issue you’re trying to fix…

2. You’re a slave to clock conventions.

We all think in round numbers. We can’t help it. Our calendars are marked in 30- or 60-minute chunks. We’re programmed to expect things to start and end at certain times, say, 10:30 or 9 or 3:30–“round” numbers.

So the meeting that starts at 9 is usually scheduled until 9:30, even if you only really need 10 minutes to make a decision. It’s like the bigger-house syndrome: After you buy a bigger house, you somehow manage to fill it with furniture even if you don’t need any more furniture…

…Instead, decide ahead of time how long a meeting should last solely on the basis of what you need to accomplish–and nothing more. Then schedule the time accordingly. Tell everyone the meeting will end on time no matter what…

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Build a better business meeting.

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