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9 tips for tightening security on your social media sites

Computer hacker - Male thief stealing data from laptop

These days when it seems all of life’s a stage, the last thing you need is someone sneaking through the back door and stealing your role.

Since a few beefy bodyguards aren’t going to do the trick in the virtual world, you’ll have to beef up the common sense to secure the safety of your own personal brand or that of your business.

John Patterson at Ignite Social Media came up with nine tips to tighten social media security after watching hackers make a mess of Burger King’s Twitter handle to ensure you remain on the throne rather than succumbing to any wily jesters out there.

Get Weird

In social media you often have many users accessing one channel. The uniqueness of your password can make it more difficult for passwords to be compromised even if a co-worker’s computer or network is. The weirder the better.

Think Like 007

If you don’t need the password you shouldn’t have it. End of story.

So Fresh and So Safe

Changing your passwords at least once a quarter helps make them less susceptible to attack. Be sure to keep passwords documented somewhere safe in the event that your security measures foil your own log-in attempt.

Full story at Ignite Social Media.

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