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9 ways to stay safe using public WiFi

With public WiFi becoming a way of life and the office becoming anywhere with a decent signal, knowing how to stay safe on these networks is as important as guarding one’s purse of wallet when out and about.

Mashable has a great article by Laptop Magazine about how to safeguard your privacy and personal information wherever work takes you.

1. Turn Off Sharing

You may share your music library, printers or files, or even allow remote login from other computers on your Wi-Fi network in the privacy of your own home. Unless you disable these settings before connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, anyone else in the vicinity may be able to hack into your PC…

2. Get a VPN

The most secure way to browse on a public network is to use a virtual private network. A VPN routes your traffic through a secure network even on public Wi-Fi, giving you all the perks of your private network while still having the freedom of public Wi-Fi.

While free VPN services exist, a paid VPN service guarantees the connection’s integrity. If you regularly connect to unknown networks, setting up a VPN is smart to protect your personal information…

Full story at Mashable.

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