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A 1939 guide for women in Manhattan


Redditor “unmoderated” dug up a gem from the past—a 1939 guide for women visiting New York City. Lee Mortimer wrote New York: Behind the Scenes as a guide for all travelers to the Big Apple, but also included a section titled “Young Lady in Manhattan…” for the bevy of small town gals hoping to hit the big time in the big city.

The helpful advice includes tidbits like:

“Unescorted ladies might as well hang themselves after ten p.m. You can go to a movie or get an ice cream soda—but for night life, well you’ve got to have that otherwise dispensable creature, man, with you.”

Ladies seeking Mr. Right are advised to hit up churches, friendship services, or afternoon cocktail hours, but only if they can hold their liquor.




Full image at Reddit.

Not outdated news and views for women.

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