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A big hand for the first wave farm in the U.S.


Where’s there’s motion, there’s energy at work, and it doesn’t take more than a few moments of gazing at a shoreline to see there’s plenty of motion in the ocean to be had. Harnessing this power is a relatively new frontier in the search for sources of alternative energy, but Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. is giving it a go off the coast of Reedsport, Oregon.

According to SmartPlanet:

Currently, wind is our biggest renewable energy source, Asmus said. But, he added, all ocean energy resources, including wave power, would combine to create energy 800 times more powerful than wind. According to the Department of Energy, experts believe there could be enough ocean power to provide up to two terawatts of electricity.

While solar energy might yield 150 watts per square meter on a sunny midday and wind power could produce 300 watts during a similar time period, wave energy has the potential to create 30,000 watts per square meter, Brekken said. “It’s very power dense,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons why people are attracted to it.”

Fishermen, surfers and environmentalists are concerned about the impact such plants could have on the recreational opportunities and wildlife in these areas, while others doubt the high price tag could and current technology can make it a feasible alternative.

The experiment is set to start off the coast of Oregon, so we’ll be anxiously awaiting the results.

Full story at Smart Planet and Good.is.

The hunt for clean energy.

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