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A camera to capture every moment of your life

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Imagine having a slideshow that captures your entire life. A UK-based firm has developed a camera that hangs around the neck and automatically snaps a photo as often as every 30 seconds and can hold 30,000 images in its memory. The ViconRevue camera was originally developed to help jog the memories of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, but will be put into large-scale production for retail sale.

Maybe not the most stylish fashion accessory, but probably a lot more useful than that flashy pendant necklace.

Read more about the camera’s potential in “lifelogging” and memory recollection.

By Annie Colbert.

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  • Christie Ison

    Sign me up for the audio/video version that the guy in the article uses…I would win a lot of "conversations" with my husband if I had proof of what I said the first time. LOL