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A completely different spin on cooking


When it comes to whipping something up in the kitchen, there haven’t been any big innovations since the microwave, which remained firmly inside the box when it came to design. The Bloom Cooking Device by Ankanksha Rajhans definitively breaks through the garden variety of kitchen design, though, offering both beauty and multi-functionality to an often mundane chore.

As explained at Tuvie:

…As its name suggests, this device features the form of a flower ready to bloom where those petals are made up of high strength, heat resistant, non-stick material. The round base acts as a heating surface. BLOOM is controlled via touch sensitive panel on the back of the stem, you can determine the heat, the intensity as well as the stirring action.

The petals can turn at speeds ranging from 10rpm to 8000rpm, it’s a way to stir or cut any food you’ve placed inside the container. The mixing action is done through the rotary motion, you can control the opening or closing of those petals/blades (speed and degree) according to your need.

As anyone who has ever had to stand at constant attention at the stove tending the Thanksgiving gravy can tell you, an appliance that can both heat and stir would be a blessing like few others, and the blades are even equipped to clean themselves with high-pressure steam, a bonus many a mixer could use.

Unfortunately, this design is still just a concept, but one we would love to see put into production someday. Any takers?

Full story at Ankanksha Rajhans via Tuvie.

Mouthwatering design.

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