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A future without car salesmen? Sign us up!


Hard-working car salespeople, we respect your efforts and the struggle to score a decent salary based on commission, but once you’ve spent too many precious hours pushing back against the up sale, a new idea like Seattle-based startup Tred looks pretty appealing for the future of car sales.

As Wired’s Sara Mitroff explained:

Here’s how it works. You go to Tred’s website or iPad app to research and select several cars you want to test drive at a place of your choosing. Tred staffers, not car dealership salespeople, then deliver your pick of cars. For now it’s a limited variety of makes and models from which you can pick, including Lexus, Chevrolet and Toyota. Over time, Tred wants to offer any new car you might be considering, everything from the Prius your spouse wants to the BMW M5 you lust after.

Oh, the luxury of seeing if the double stroller fits behind the backseat or there’s enough room for the skinny aunt between two carseats!

If this is the future, it’s starting to look brighter already.

Full story at Wired.

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