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A glimpse into the life of a presidential photographer [video]


Documenting a presidency is no easy task, as this short Reuters film of President Obama’s historic trip to Myanmar reveals.

As Jason Reed, who shot the footage for the video, explained:

What may surprise a lot of amateur photographers is the rapid pace that pictures can unfold in front of a news photographer’s lens, even if on the surface the images appear to be very staged and therefore easy to capture. The White House will take us the first 15,000 miles on assignment but those last 15 feet are all up to you…

…You are absolutely going to miss moments because there are always too many moving pieces on the board, not least of which are your colleagues competing against you to get the best angles of the most important moments. But you keep on pushing, knowing that in this game there are no instant replays.

Full story at Reuters Blog via PetaPixel.

In the steps of Obama.

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