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A million Legos, no directions? No problem with Rebrickable


Directions? What directions? Remember the packaging you threw away at age eight after making the space shuttle once, then reincorporating the pieces into your own temple of destruction or luxury superhero cave? Not a problem anymore thanks to the new website Rebrickable.

“Rebrickable aims to help you use your entire LEGO collection to help you build sets that you never bought, but have the blocks for. All you have to do is enter the serial number of the sets you have, whether you want colors to match exactly, close, or not at all, and Brickables will tell you what awesome sets your sets can become when their powers combine. The best part is that the database includes both official LEGO sets and some custom ones that are way cooler than the multicolored monstrosities you free-styled as a kid.”

Good luck talking your kids into giving you back the Legos, but they’ll go to bed eventually.

Full story at Rebrickable via Geekosystem.

Adults love Legos, too.

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