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A Scrabble tile poem to triple word score your heart

Mike Keath scores big points for his Scrabble tile poem.

Each tercet (three lines of iambic pentameter with ABA rhyme scheme) in the poem below is formed from the set of 100 Scrabble® tiles, which consist of 98 letters (including all letters A-Z) plus two blank “wildcards” that can be assigned any letter. The poem is visually depicted using six sets of Scrabble® tiles, where the two blanks in each set are indicated by red tiles. In this challenge we deem it quite permissable to use different letters for the blanks in each separate set of tiles (each stanza).

Full-size and regular text version at cadaeic. (H/T BoingBoing)

The love of words.

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  • ResilientMichae

    Love it!