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A t-shirt for math goddesses everywhere


Tired of ignorance being marketed to girls? Stand up for math chicks everywhere with this t-shirt from ThinkGeek, which says loud and clear that not only can you do math – thank you very much – but that you are no one’s homework slave.

The math smarts. It starts in her when she’s young. This is the little girl who excels at counting things. She has her hand raised when they’re learning multiplication. She’s the one who, while everyone else is assiduously avoiding eye contact, hopes she gets called on to do the problem at the board. She could do her homework in pen, but she chooses not to, cause that would just be showing off. When she gets bored in class and it looks like she’s not paying attention, that’s because she’s a chapter ahead of everyone else, double-checking her answers. “Show your work” is seen as a challenge either because it’s all in her head (how do I show you neurons firing?) or because she has to choose the most elegant solution. If a train leaves Chicago at 2 p.m., she’s the engineer.

You’re more than just a figure

Full story at ThinkGeek via The Mary Sue.

Chicks dig math.

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