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A touchy twist in the Tao of Banksy

Banksy Coke Quote

What is ownership in the digital age?

The work and philosophy of street artist Banksy reflects our changing — and often conflicting — ideas of owning a certain idea or concept when so much of what we enjoy and transmit is an offshoot of another work or lacks any kind of attribution whatsoever. As Omar Canosa of Medium put it, “Banksy’s artwork explicitly and repeatedly proclaims his disdain for the concept of copyright or artistic ownership,” yet he doesn’t appreciate people passing off their work as an official Banksy.

Enter the interesting issue of the above piece of graphic art, often credited to Banksy, but not by the will of the designer.

While Milan’s  Karina Nurdinova created the above piece, the use of a Banksy quote has confused people as to who the original creator is.

To add another twist to this tale, the quote itself was, in large part, lifted from the work of Sean Tejaratchi in a zine dating back to 1999.

So, are there fingers to be pointed or is this just an unusually collaborative effort that proves the point?

Full story at Medium.

Whose art is it?


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