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A truly mind-boggling trick: Creating a crossword puzzle out of thin air [video]


Magician David Kwong’s mad skills as a crossword creator are truly stunning, as shown in the video below, but they’re also an amazing ad for an upcoming film on which he consulted that we assume we’ll have to see to believe, Now You See Me.

Though he came to LA to pursue his dream of wowing audiences with illusions and sleights of hand, his career path veered to an assistant job at Dreamworks, eventually leading to a film consultant gig creating crossword puzzles and now, magic.

While audiences these days seem too spoiled by special effects to appreciate a good, old-fashioned magic trick, Kwong begs to differ.

“I think magic is having its wave right now,” he says. “But I think magic is always there. Always has been and always will be. People want to be amazed.”

… Magic’s gone from the Vegas stage to YouTube street performers, he says, but there’s a yearning for the thrill that only true sleight-of-hand can bring. “When anything can be done now with LCD screens and circuitry, it’s refreshing for people to see a card change right in their hands.”

Full story at The Verge.

Simply magic.

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