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A truly nightmarish photography collection


Still afraid of those things that go bump in the night? Do you warn visitors with a completely straight face that your basement is haunted?

Then, this might not be the post for you.

If thrills and chills are right up your alley, though, the photography of Joshua Hoffine is a must-see, as he takes his two adorable daughters and makes children’s worst nightmares into portraits of fear.

Before the parenting police get their pull-ups in a bundle, though, Hoffine assures us it’s all fun and games to the girls:

They loved doing it. They were never really scared. I’m their Dad – they felt safe with me. They had fun knowing they were part of a scary picture. They were always aware of the artifice of it all, and would get excited about the idea of scaring the audience. The darker metaphors involved, the fine-art ambition of the project, went beyond their ability to grasp at that age.

Other family members would play the monsters. For instance, grandma is hiding behind the sheet in my clown photograph BALLOONS. For them it was like a big game of dress-up.

Did we mention Hoffine started his career at Hallmark?

See what too many warm and fuzzy greeting cards leads to?



Full story at Joshua Hoffine via Fstoppers.

Horror photography.



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