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A world in fear: The violent reality for the poor in the developing world [infographic]

For the impoverished in developing countries around the world, violence is often as commonplace in everyday life as hunger, leaving them in a constant state of fear. In his latest book, The Locust Effect, Gary A. Haugen offers a glimpse into the hidden violence that penetrates the well-being of these poor people and shows how there is hope for better lives when broken justice systems are fixed. International Justice Mission also presents some of the startling statistics in the infographic below.

Around the world, one in five women is a victim of rape and nearly 30 million people are held in slavery. Law enforcement is often absent, untrained, or spread too thin, which means the poor are the last ones to get help when they need it. In one city in Kenya, there are 149,000 cases of rape waiting for court-required paperwork, leaving most of the victims unheard. The poor are chased out, hurt, silenced, unrepresented, and held captive and this cycle will continue to snowball until these justice systems are corrected.

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Via The Locust Effect.

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