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Abraham Lincoln invented Facebook in 1845


Abe Lincoln: POTUS, stovepipe hat fan, long lost Winklevoss relative?

In 1845, a year before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Lincoln filed a patent for “The Gazette,” a service to “keep People aware of Others in the Town.” The patent application described a system in which each town published its own Gazette that contained a page for every man “where he might discuss his Family, his Work, and his Various Endeavors.”

Lincoln even had a grasp of privacy policies, noting in the patent application that “each Man may decide if he shall make his page Available to the entire Town, or only to those with whom he has established Family or Friendship.” Updating the Gazette could be done “at any time deemed Fit or Necessary.”

The patent application also included a sample that visually laid out Lincoln’s vision for the Gazette. The prototype featured six columns, the first of which had a photograph of Lincoln with text underneath noting his name, address, and profession. The other columns included updates from his from both his personal and professional life, shared quotes and poems, and a story about the Pilgrim Fathers.

A profile picture, basic information, status updates, and shared content–what does that sound like? Facebook.

Full story of this incredible (albeit likely hoax) discovery on Nate St. Pierre’s blog.

Facebook (the version not created by Lincoln).

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