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Adorable cat “talks” to her kittens

This cat seems to be having a conversation with her kittens. They utter their soft mews, and the mommy cat meows back. Take a listen and prepare for a cuteness overload.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • autumn

    Spay your cat.

  • “Mommy?” ‘What?” “Mommy?” “What?” “Mommy?” “WHAT!…..Oh Lord, give me strength..”

  • Sandee Russell

    “Mommy?” “I’m on a break.”

  • This adorable cat is a Calico not a Tiger.

  • ann


  • most cats have a vocabulary of over 70 different sounds, dogs less than 10.

  • Heidi Christensen

    Poor squished in face creature! How can anyone do that to a sweet cat?

  • brenda cleveland

    no one squished in their faces !! that is the breed they are , and very beautiful !!

  • Cheryl Elliot

    Autumn: obviously, she breeds this type of cat. I know, it’s a shame, with so many needing homes. Last month I adopted a skinny, plain street kitten who’s solid dark grey and looks like a rat. Penance for the fourteen years I owned my beautiful Himalayan Cameo, although ironically he was also a rescue. And yes, my ‘rat’ cat was spayed at four months; so was Cameo.

  • Annie

    She’s telling they are little kings and queens and to demand to be treated as such. How do you think they get their cattitudes?

  • Adriana

    She is indeed talking to her children. Animals have a language just as humans do.If only the world would see them as intelligent beings that have a right to live their lives in peace, the world would be a better place.

  • Carolyn Sue Rose

    This cat is a persian albeit also a calico. Mama cats know what to say to their kittens and when to say it.

  • SpencerSelph

    We have a rescue cat that walked up to our door two years ago, walked in and took over and hasn’tv been back outside yet!

  • Cute,now please get her spayed instead of turning her into a breeding machine,thanks.