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Advice to bloggers submitting to the big leagues


Many a humble blogger dreams of seeing their content published on one of the top websites, where hits number in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, but does it take a big name to make the big leagues?

When Brett Lindenberg at Daily Blog Tips got the chance to interview successful guest bloggers on sites like BusinessInsider.com, he found that the answer was no, but their advice to those trying to make a splash was strikingly similar.

Here’s just a sampling of his list of dos and don’ts and a toast to your success in 2013.

When submitting guest content to major blogs, do the following:

– Read and Follow Submission Guidelines to the Letter: Big blogs have much stricter requirements for what they can and can’t publish. Make sure the content you submit to these blogs aligns with posts that are regularly published by the blog both in content and style. Many of these blogs provide information about how to submit guest posts or contributions on a contact or contributor page…

When submitting content to major blogs, don’t do the following:

– Don’t miss a Deadline: This is a deal breaker for most editors. If you say you’re going to get an article out to them by January, 17th, stick to it. Miss one deadline and you won’t get a second chance with many editors.

Full story at Daily Blog Tips.

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