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Alex Trebek savagely insults contestant

Alex Trebek has to listen to a lot of weird interests and hobbies that his contestants have. Usually he takes all of those weird hobbies with a grain of salt, but this one was too much for him.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Ouch. A woman trying to find a healthy way to meet people of similar interests that are different than main stream people. Not cool Mr. Trebek.

  • Komit

    What a douche.

  • To call that a savage attack is patently ignorant and uncalled for. Why is the current society so interested in being offended? Could it be that they only want something to gripe about?

  • Got your attention. Made you look. All about marketing.

  • Throckmorton Gildersleeve

    IN other words, Alex is not afraid to speak the truth. Our country is becoming populated, more and more, by losers!

  • Clickbait. Congrats, you got one more to bite. I forget, is it 98 or 99% of content on the Web which is absolutely worthless?

  • lgmc lgmc

    He deserves a good insult live on the air if someone would be brave enuf.

  • Pete

    He wasn’t good looking than and isn’t now. He thinks his pronunciation is correct just because. He penalizes people for saying it wrong even if they have an accent. They need to get rid of him. He has always rubbed me the wrong way. Face it Alex, you’re not God’s gift to women anymore. This was too much and you didn’t even notice that you’ve offended a lot of people. When are you going to get fired for saying the wrong thing to a person? If you’re given the boot or pink slip, you deserve it. I hope you get what get what’s coming to you, plain and simple.

  • louise

    Alex is marvelous. He has added categories to the benefit of all. Let his detractors get up on that stage and try to do his job. What a laugh that would be.

  • jabusse

    Sounds like everyone got a chuckle out of it. Savage attack. My God, can you imagine this writer at a Dean Martin Roast. Don Rickels to Sammy Davis Jr. “I’m Jewish, you’re black, I’m sorry.” Or Forrest Brooks to Muhammad Ali, “I fed him collard greens, cuz that’s what collard people eat.” We now have a nation of thin skinned wimps (professional victims). Losers.

  • Just plain mean. Guess it comes with age.

  • PD Hart

    Trebek and his “holier than thou” attitude has always disgusted me! He acts like he knows it all and like he’s better than everyone! Time for a new host for this show!

  • Vicki

    Savage insult?? Really?? I think some people just wake up looking for things to be offended about. I thought it was funny, and would have thought it was funny even if I’d been her. By the way, was she offended, or is it just other people being offended on her behalf? People need to learn to laugh at themselves.

  • cheryl durlin

    so he speaks the truth….leave him alone. He was laughing when he said it!!!

  • Jim

    The only “loser” in this clip is Alex Trebek. Sad that the old man has to resort to trying to put someone down to get a laugh. Maybe it’s time for him to go!!!!!!

  • Donna

    snowflakes in the comment section as usual

  • Trebek is always pretending to be so superior to the contestants. He constantly mispronounces words such as Van Gough (as if it’s French and it’s actually Dutch and the pronunciation is more like fan gock) and as an Aussie his misrepresentation of our tallest peak Mt Kosiusco is pronounced Kozzy osko. Ad Komit says, “he’s a douche”.

  • He needs to pronounce the word genre correctly.

  • He needs to pronounce the word genre correctly. I do like him lots/

  • Gilbert Graham

    Since Alex Trebek is so irritating WHY do you continue to WATCH THE SHOW?

  • Suzanne MM Bond

    Alex Trebek has the street smarts and intellect to run this show smoothly and he’s done so for many years! On this one, had he had time to process prior to commenting, (a luxury you don’t have on ‘live’ tv,) he could have said “some might refer to that group as losers” with his polite, non sarcastic smile, and it would have gone down better. YET I agree with other comments…some folks just need to gripe…about ‘something’.

  • Art Flemming

    Yes he comes across as arrogant because he has practiced reading the clues over and over and when no one gets the answer he says it as though he knew it all the time. It’s good for a laugh on him. I watch for the show, not him.

  • Julia

    Alex has always been rude and condescending. Had you not noticed?

  • m chiplock

    Gilbert Graham — fans of the show, like myself, watch the show because we like to watch the contestants, not because we enjoy Alex……we watch despite Alex.

  • Judy mcDiffett

    I don’t think that could be called a savage attack. Maybe a little thoughtless, but not savage. I like Alex Trebek, and I think the show is great.

  • Richard Uhlman

    This is mild compared to some comments on other shows.

  • Alex, it takes one to know one.

  • Don Smith

    It’s time for Alex to go. I agree that he thinks he knows it all. No more watching JEOPARDY.

  • mike

    He is only being honest.

  • bk

    so, let’s get this right: nerds = losers right? What say you Bill Gates? Albert Einstein? Madame Curie? Chris Hardwick? Rosario Dawson? James Franco? Nicolas Cage? Stephen Colbert? Vin Diesel? Geez – what a moron. The question to his “loser” answer is simply, “What happens when your mouth overruns your brain?”

  • Thomas Higgins

    Alex didn’t get to where he is by being the party animal life the party. More like many of hours reading, and nerding-out. I think he was actually including himself in that group of losers. People go out of their way to be offended by others and for other. By the way was there more to that segment when they both laughed it off? I can’t help but don’t notice that the video was off someones phone shooting on tv why were they recording? My guess is because they knew the person and what was come and they laughed as much as the audience.

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