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All BBQ kings need lawnchair hovercrafts


Summer’s here and that means BBQ season is afoot, but if there’s no way to beat the Joneses when it comes to the grill that could roast an ox, your only choice is to rise above the fray…literally.

Leave it to Mythbuster’s Adam Savage to offer up the ultimate DIY project to keep you busy on weekends.

You can build this floating vehicle with stuff that most of us already have lying around our home. You will need a plastic lawn chair, a sheet of ¾-inch plywood, a leaf blower, a heavy-duty shower curtain, 2 rolls of duct tape, a lid from a gallon paint can, some foam pipe insulation and some screws.

Let this be the summer the kids never forget, and just think of the screams on Halloween when the kiddies realize the guy sitting outside with the basket of candy is levitating in the driveway.

Full story at Wired via Technabob.

Incredibly cool DIY.

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