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All you need to know about creating a winning nonprofit social media strategy

Most nonprofits don’t have room in the budget for a position that deals solely with creating a social media strategy, so if this task has fallen on your plate, you’re probably wondering how to get started.

Canva Design School offers a complete guide to creating a social media strategy, as well as the graphics to make those posts shine.

Determine Your Key Performance Goals

Before you can execute a successful social media strategy, you must clearly identify what you’re aiming to achieve. As a shortcut, Hubspot’s identified the top 7 reasons nonprofits use social media:

  1. Sharing news;
  2. Brand recognition;
  3. Education about the cause and mission;
  4. Fundraising;
  5. Volunteer recruitment;
  6. Donor recognition; and,
  7. Employee recruitment.

Once you’ve identified what you’ll be using social media to achieve, it’s important to implement measures for success…

Decide on Your Target Audience

Before you even write a single post, it’s important to know who you’re writing for.

An established nonprofit may already have a good sense of their key audience demographic, but it’s still a great exercise to develop user personas.

So, how do you discover your user personas?

Conduct surveys and interviews. The best personas are often created by getting out there and talking to your audience. It will give a human face to a collection of abstract data and it will allow you to classify groups for different social media campaigns…

Full story at Canva Design School.

Social media marketing for nonprofits.

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