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Amazing pitching and the science of breaking down motion

Read about the confounding pitching of Yu Darvish and see his pitching motion analyzed here.

Learn more about the technology of breaking down motion by researcher Martin Hilpoltstiener here.

More baseball.

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  • +Project Glass should give some #GoogleGlasses  to some of these umpires in the +MLB.  Great share +Guy Kawasaki

  • 童梦幻影球!

  • +Tony Cacaccio great idea

  • I would like to study the atomic motion that occurs at the point of a "spark" or "point of nucleation" within a chemical reaction. I would like to see the various ways particles collide to begin an energetically favorable chain reaction.

  • loving the picture xx FAB x

  • http://www.linkedin.com/company/unigiro "california dreaming … maybe"

  • I like the idea.. But not the result.. This pic makes me dizzy

  • It has got to be really hard to have success against a pitcher that can change speeds and directions with an identical motion . Just really difficult if not near impossible to be aggressive as a batter .

  • I'm not sure what I'm mores impressed with: Darvish or Federer's athletic prowess or the photographic analytical technology. All are phenomenal.

  • +Allen Crenshaw I'm impressed with all that and I'm impressed with our humanity and our ability to react to the same thing in various ways and share that peacefully.

  • As a long time Ranger fan it has been fun watching Yu. He is the real deal and only going to get better. The Rangers finally have a true ace for the first time in a very long time.

  • i love baseball
    i know this game very well

  • and me love this because is very game