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An alarming look at an Earth without ice [video]

You’ve likely already heard that major cities around the globe are threatened by rising sea levels, yet seeing it happen is a real eye-opener to the issue at hand.

Business Insider created this video of the radically altered geography of the globe if we did, in fact, lose all the ice.

Full story at YouTube via LikeCool.

Illustrating climate change.

Graphics credit: Canva

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  • Glock Guy

    I used to work with someone who had a map showing the ocean floor, earth with out any water, you could see lots of mountains that were under water valleys it was a real neat map.

  • Terry C

    Good thing this will never happen

  • Duane

    And so?
    Some coastal cities are lost.
    We move a bit inland.

    And we survive. No big deal in the grand scheme of things.

    It won’t happen overnight, and we have time to relocate to the new beaches.

    Trying to stop it won’t help. It is happening right now.

  • Terry C

    Good thing this can’t happen

  • Robert

    What crap this global warming b.s. really is. The earth has been here so long and it changes constantly so liberals just stuff it!

  • tim

    We will not see this in our lifetimes. But your kids and grandkids could. Sea level is rising about one inch every 7 years. This is projected to increase in the future as more CO2 is dumped in to the atmosphere by humans. Imagine for a moment if the rate of sea level rise increased to 1 inch every 3 years. Then in thirty six years, there would be a one foot rise in sea level. That is a huge increase and would happen very rapidly. Huge economic losses would be entail. Huge displacements of people on a biblical scale. Huge changes in food production areas. Enormous political instability. Probably wars do to loss of resources, land, water or food. The Pentagon thinks this will happen. So….. why do you think you are smarter than the researchers at the Pentagon?

    By the way, the projections are for a 3 foot rise in sea level by 2100. Or roughly 1 inch every 3 years.

  • Tony

    Ha! It may not happen in my life since I am an old man but I pray you stupid naysayers die young because it has already begun. The glaciers are melting as well as the tundra.

  • Gadfly2015

    Where does Yahoo dig up these lunatic sites?

  • Tony

    Cool it looks like I might have ocean front property one day.

  • Mugbe Gajujube

    meh…so DC and their the left coasts go away. big deal we’re all better off (wait…then they’ll wanna move closer to me=bad)

  • Reasons this won’t happen: (1) Nothing is constant. IF humans are a major source of GW, we will stop throwing CO2 into the atmosphere within 50 years as solar, wind, wave, and nuclear fusion replace coal and oil as energy sources. (2) Even if all the ice caps and glaciers melt, we will use solar electricity to desalinate the water and store a lot of the melt in underground aquifiers, swiming pools, and lakes. Lake Bakul, for example, will be restored. The deserts will bloom and become major food sources for mankind. (3) The rest of the excess water will be dissociated using renewable power and hydrogen will become the fuel source for cars and trucks. All of this is easily doable in the next 50-200 years, long before the predictions in this video can become a reality.

  • mark

    what a bunch of b.s. no one knows what the future holds and their is no way to say or determine what the earth would look like if all the ice melted…global warming, global cooling, climate change idiots…hell i feel dumber for having even looked at this .

  • Reckless

    Good thing I’m in Michigan
    Tiff for the rest of you bitches

  • Roger

    Buy land, God ain’t making anymore of it and according to this he will be taking it away.

  • interesting to not see Los Angeles underwater. I guess the elevation is higher then San Diego and San Fransico

  • randy

    This looming condition isn’t just the result of atmospheric carbon, but is also the result of mankind’s massive direct aquatic thermal contribution having been dumped onto a water environment thE has an inwards direction of conducting.

  • randy

    The planetary over could not have melted at the rapid rate witnessed from the increases level of CO2’s as was admitted by the experts. Only a neutralized downwards direction of conducting within the oceans colder regions could Habe triggered such a rapid declone.

  • Tim

    A total melt of all the ice is very unlikely to happen. We would have to increase the ammount of CO2 dumpped into the atmosphere and do it for hundreds of years to melt the Icecaps. I’m not to worried about it for now. I think we will probably reduce CO2 over the long run.

  • as water rises, people move further inland. what about the food supply this water covers up? the ignorant people making stupid comments don’t think about that when they deny climate change is happening, and at alarming rates..

  • Lee

    Hmmm,…no ice? What would happen to the seasons?

  • total bullcrap.

  • dennnis

    we have been seeing global warming since the last ice age, one thing i dont here is the good things we have got from global warming, global warming is the biggest reason we are so advanced, if it wasnt for this long warming period we wouldnt have minerals,oil,trees,many animals and so much more, its a cycle that been going on for millions of years and we are over due for an ice age ,and every ice age we have ever had isnt slow like global warming it happens quick and is usually in some part brought on by global warming and the melting of ice that cools the oceans and the cycle keeps going on an on. what i disagree with is humans have much to do with it, this i think and many scientist think is a farce, we are like dust on the shelf on this earth, pretty bold to think we have that much to do with it, many scientist think we are only about 1% to do with global warming, we wont stop it and we shouldnt try to, when we mess iwth nature it usually ends up not good, that being said we shouldnt just try to destroy stuff and we should still try and be green and clean so we dont ruin things for the future generations

  • Greg

    First and foremost, CO2 wouldn’t be an issue if Humans didn’t cut down every tree they see. In fact if the rain forest was still intact there would be no CO2 problem. You see Trees and plant life need CO2 to live and to produce what you ask ….Oxygen that’s right CO2 is crucial for the production of what we breath. incredible how that works huh?

  • Dennnis your replay is correct get ready for a new Ice age Soon

  • Tom

    The Earth has lost all the ice before, several times… it is a natural cycle, a long one, but still a natural cycle…

  • Check out a book called “Bursting the Atmosphere: what happens when rain falls up.” It’s on Amazon and it talks about the consequences of what happens after all the ice has melted.

  • Tony

    I live in Texas and will have Ocean front Property how cool is that!!!

  • Typical Americans you don’t listen to things until it happens, and are children’s children’s will pay for this.

  • Michael Kafalas

    The north pole is a big block of ice. What happens to the water level in a glass of water when the ice cubes melt? That’s right the level goes down. So even if all the ice in the world melted you would most likely have a minimal rise in the oceans. I have an idea, Lets cut canals to all the deserts and dry places of the world and let the water go there. I know, I know they would have to be below sea level, ok so we dig a few holes. I just figured since we are talking fantasy I could add my own.

  • Billy03855

    I’m past 50 and live on the ocean . No hirer than i was when I was five.

  • Hydroman

    Most dont get the fact this is Morally and Ethically wrong. This is dergradation and alteration of the system that suppoorts our own existence. Why take the risk to negatively impact future generations and our biosphere as a whole? We should be care takers of this planet not selfish miners only interested in profiting from its demise. So dissapointed with our species, we have so much potential.

  • The Earth losing all its ice is highly unlikely because as all that fresh water flows into the ocean it dilutes the salt water and disrupts the haline cycle which causes thermohaline circulation to stop. That’s when the next ice age begins. Currents such as the Gulf Stream will switch off and hello ice. Northern Europeans will be migrating to Syria for a change. And here in the US folks from New England and most points north of 40 degrees will be heading for Mexico. We’ll see how they like the turnabout.

  • Bill

    Great special effect for Hollywood but pretty much useless in real life.

  • Bill

    Hydroman, Problem is the data has been manipulated and skewed. We are also morally and ethically bound to get the study plus the data correct first before jumping to conclusions with this SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) on the fix for this so called Climate Change.

    100 years of study is not near enough since the earth is 4.6 billion years old and the climate has been changing since time began. man can not stop that.

  • About_2_Have_Ocean_Views

    So basically I will have oceanfront property with the climate of the tropics… WHY should I stop polluting?

  • Came for the video, stayed for the opinionated global warm denying nonscientists in the comments.

  • very tired of all you global warming idiots, next you will turn this into a religion, I think you are close already, you are almost as fanatical about this as the muslim jihadist’s

  • Charleyene Popp

    No cool breezes

  • This is Extremely dangerous. Because when global worming is occur all the ice is melting down and the heat is became high. so according to me that is really too bad and also bad for the all mankind.

  • I agree with you Victordada,,….thanks T.E Mark for the enlightenment.

  • Victordada you are Absolutely right, i m totally agreed with u.