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An app for the anti-social among us [video]


Hate crowds like the plague but aren’t ready to go hardcore hermit?

Then it’s time to start organizing your anti-social compatriots (as unobtrusively as possible, aka, no meetings, mass e-mails, etc.) to push this app by Netherlands agency They beyond the borders of Amsterdam.

Using social media check-ins, the app calculates the activity level of local stores to show you exactly where you don’t want to be if, say, you haven’t bathed in a while or that cabbage you had last night is leaving a funky afterglow.

This is something that must go global before next holiday season for the sake of solitary brethren who still want to give gifts made out of more than tinfoil and twisty-ties.

We’re begging you, They.

Full story at Fast Company.

Anti-social media at its finest.

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  • I think they need to add more features in it. Sounds like a good business option .
    Crowd hating people will surely love it