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An interactive guide to Florida’s Stand Your Ground cases

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With the Trayvon Martin case splashed across every front page in the nation, you might be wondering about the other cases that have come up under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law.

The Tampa Bay Times has compiled the most complete reference to date, which can be viewed in this interactive guide.

As they explained at their website:

The Tampa Bay Times used media reports, court records and interviews with prosecutors and attorneys to identify more than 200 “stand your ground” cases across Florida. The list, though incomplete, is the most comprehensive in the state and likely includes most fatal cases.

The Times asked questions about each conflict: Who was armed? Who started the fight? It also recorded the race, age and sex of those involved and the case outcome. Hispanics often are listed as white or black because many police agencies record only race, not ethnicity.

Full story at Tampa Bay Times.

It’s the law.

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