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An iPhone pocket… in your bra?


For women who hate carrying a purse on a night out, or find pants oppressive, two college juniors might just have the solution

After noticing that their female friends kept losing their smartphones while out clubbing and drinking, two entrepreneurial University of Washington juniors came up with a purchasable solution: The JoeyBra. The push-up bra has a pouch on each side (hence the name, a reference to a baby kangaroo) for stashing your iPhone, ID, keys, credit cards, or a bit of cash, so women don’t have to carry a purse or wear pants.

More about the design and the official sales pitch:

Full story at The Week.

Photo: joeybra.com

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  • PortaPocketGal

    now we’ve got the entire body covered …from the bra to under that dress. woo hoo! if you need a place to put something.. you know where to find us… 😉 this is exactly why we’ve been doing what we’ve been doing since 2007….we’ve been seeing these issues happen all the time…not just at clubs. check out your gym, grocery store, in parking lots, you name it. no more umbilical cords to that purse and we won’t get dragged 150 feet like that pickpocket-victimized gal in FL. as an example. there is risk when keeping valuables away from your person. better keep things ON yourself. if we can help you make life easier, stop on by. xoxo, portapocket