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Anatomy of a woman’s heart, circa 1830


Amazing the species survived this long, seeing as “good sense” is approximately the size of a pea in this not-very-complimentary diagram of a woman’s heart, drawn by D.W. Kellogg and his brother.

The commentary of Emily Brand at The History of Love raises some interesting considerations in terms of historical context, though:

In a time when fashionable courtesans were celebrated by society and marriage without affection described by Henry Fielding as “legalised prostitution”, the boundaries between vice and virtue could not always be easily distinguished. Most men of libidinous proclivities assumed that any woman – professed prostitute or not – would be available to them sexually, for the right price.

Perhaps that is hinted at in this ‘map’, where the River of Lasciviousness cuts the region of Sentiment in two…

Food for thought.

Full story at The History of Love via Presurfer.

Not a very favorable view of women.

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