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Another extremely rare primate caught on film [video]


Though not as rare as the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey, the Miller’s grizzled langur of Borneo is so rare that two different groups of scientists in the area both had to do some serious research to discover what their cameras caught site of in the Wehea Forest of Borneo.

One of the twenty-five most endangered primates in the world, the Miller’s grizzled langur had last been spotted in 2008 and they’ve never been observed within 150 kilometers of their current location. Logging and burning of their habitat is likely to blame for their disappearance, but very little is known about this particular species.

Brent Loken of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia explains more about the exciting find in the following video, and let’s keep hoping for more discoveries of this kind in 2012.

Full story at Scientific American.

A great week for primatologists!

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