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Anyone up for a meat balloon?


Nothing says “Worst birthday party ever” to a vegan like decorating with meat balloons, but rest assured, these hand-painted savory beauties were only meant to don the halls of Japan Premium Beef for New York Design Week.

Lest you dismiss this as a cheap novelty, each balloon took three hours to make and the Balloon Factory that produced them began at a gallery in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to represent ODL’s “…interest in manufacturing, distribution, and everyday items.”

Of the window display for Japan Premium Beef, they explained that,

“This time around, we’re emphasizing the fleshy quality of latex balloons. The formers are shaped like specific cuts of meat—porterhouse, flank, filet mignon, and t-bone—and different size sausages. To imitate marbling on the steaks, the balloon formers are dripped with red, pink, or brown, after an initial clear coat of latex. We get the appropriate look by erratically rotating the balloon mold and blowing on it, forcing the colors to flow together in all directions. For sausages, the process is similar, but the former is rotated more slowly, producing a different effect.”

Now, that’s art anyone could sink their teeth into.

Full story at ODL via Gizmodo.

Meat art.

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  • Anonymous

    must be so yummy to eat a very hard meat! hahaha this balloon is one of a kind! but not that cool to look at! 🙂