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Apple (and the government) can read your iMessages

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How comfortable would you feel knowing Apple could access your texts? I’ll give you a second to think of the last embarrassing conversation you had…and then I’ll hit you with something worse:

In fact, Apple can easily help other people, like, say, governmental authorities, read your iMessages. And it’ll even collect that handy-dandy password, since it’s transmitted in plain text.

How does it work? Basically it’s as simple as telling Apple that you’re like, totally, the right person and the phone should totally decrypt the messages for you. OK, so it’s a little bit more complex than that in the details; Quarks Lab put a lot of work into testing this. But that’s essentially what you can do. The communication itself is actually heavily encrypted, but it’s kind of like locking the door to your house and then mailing everybody in the phone book a key; technically your door is locked, but your house isn’t secure.

The good news is that, as of right now, there’s no evidence that Apple is actually spying on you, but they totally can. Time to download Blackberry Messenger!

Via Uproxx.

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