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Are circumcisions really necessary?


For as long as we can guess and for reasons we can only speculate, people all over the world have been practicing circumcision: Aboriginal Australians, Mayans, Aztecs, Phoenicians, Sumatrans, Samoans and Ethiopians, to name a few.

Would you jump off a bridge if all your friends did? What if your friends were all circumcising their sons? See if there’s a medical reason for slicing off foreskin — or if we’re nurturing an outdated, barbaric practice.

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  • Dan Bollinger

    Most docs don’t circumcise their sons and they will tell you it is NOT necessary. According to the CDC, the current infant circumcision rate is 32% and still dropping.

    Parents considering infant circumcision should check out <a href="http://circumcisiondecisionmaker.com/">Circumcision Decision-Maker.</a>