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Are these people crazy? No, just Loony


It’s 40°F on New Year’s Day in Queensferry, Scotland, and you’ve got a splitting headache from dancing jigs and reels in the streets of Edinburgh with 1,000 fairly inebriated friends. What’s your next move? Sleep the day away? Of course not! You don your craziest costume and jump in the freezing Firth of Forth (firth is Gaelic for estuary). It’s the annual Loony Dook, conceived 27 years ago by James Mackenzie to cure his New Year’s Eve hangover. 18 swimmers joined Mackenzie for that first swim, but now the event attracts over 1,000 participants from around the world (Australia was particularly well represented this year). Check out a photo gallery of the Loonies below, courtesy of Andrew Evans, National Geographic’s Digital Nomad who’s currently traveling around Scotland and was there to record the madness. 

Full story at Digital Nomad.

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