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Art exhibit attacks attacks false perceptions of rape

The University of Pennsylvania has unveiled its newest multimedia art exhibit—and it packs a powerful message. “This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me,” attacks the idea that, when a woman is raped, she somehow deserved it or asked for it based on her actions or clothing.

The installation, which features photos, illustrations, paintings, film, sounds, and music, investigates female body types, intimacy, relationships, fashion, attitudes, psychology, vulnerability, behaviour, among other important topics associated with the reasoning behind rape.

According to professor and exhibit launcher, Charles Hall:

“Our goal is to use the exhibit to start a movement that raises awareness, attacks misperceptions and inspires people to talk about rape. Other movements have symbols. There’s the red ribbon for AIDS awareness, and there’s the pink ribbon for breast cancer. I hope the iconography we generate around the exhibit can do the same for the silent epidemic of rape.”

Check out some of the exhibit’s striking images below:



Full story at The University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Mitch

    Oh my, I can bet this is going to cause quite a bit of conversation. It’s very provocative, no matter how you look at it, and I only hope that the right message is taken away from it.