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Artists take “body of work” to a whole new level


For every painter, there is a perfect canvas, even if it is another artist.

That’s the twist behind “Museum Anatomy” by Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector, who specialize in taking what’s on the wall and transferring it to the human body.

According to Laughing Squid‘s EDW Lynch:

The elaborate process begins with a photograph of the work, after which Spector spends 5 to 18 hours reproducing the image on a body (usually Gray’s) with special effects makeup. The final artwork is a photograph of the completed body art. The duo has been working on “Museum Anatomy” since 1994.

So, no accusations of stealing ideas from Gotye, all right?



Full story at Chadwick & Spector  via Laughing Squid.

Now that’s some body art.


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