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Assault weapon with your TV? Major UPS mix-up leaves man stunned


If Charleton Heston was recruited to play Santa Claus, we wouldn’t be too surprised if an assault weapon or two made it under the Christmas tree, but we expected something more from UPS.

Seth Horvitz of Washington, DC was eagerly anticipating the arrival of his 39-inch TV, but thought the box it came in was a bit small; then he opened it for the surprise of his life. Instead of a TV or even a stand, the box contained a SIG716.

“I was confused as to how that kind of mixup could happen,” said Horvitz, who ordered the TV from a third party through Amazon. “It surprised me to see how easy it would be for a gun to show up on someone’s doorstep — not just a gun, but an assault weapon.”

Two labels were affixed to the package, one being a Pennsylvania gun store, so one has to wonder, if there was any doubt about who should receive the package, shouldn’t it have been returned to sender?

Full story at Washington Post.

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