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“Asylum” time-lapse both divine and disturbing [video]


Any asylum is bound to evoke some horrifying images in the mind’s eye, but none more so than the subject of Drew Geraci’s stunning time-lapse.

It took he and his team seven months to compile the 35,000 separate still images that make up this haunting piece. The site was built in the 1920s and has been closed for decades, left to decay, though Geraci doesn’t disclose any other information about the location.

This project is a combination of traditional HDR, tone-mapping, and standard time-lapse techniques. With the use of the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero and a Merlin head, we were able to capture the grit and the grime of this wondrous place, like it had never been captured before.

Full story at Vimeo via Digital Photography School.

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