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Babies born 4-6 weeks early face emotional problems


Babies born early between 34 and 36 weeks face a double risk of both short-term medical problems and long-term emotional and cognitive challenges. These late-preterm babies face the increased risks regardless of maternal IQ or demographics, according to new study.

“We found late-preterm babies are between two and three times more likely at age 6 to have lower IQs as well as higher levels of attention problems and symptoms of anxious, withdrawn behavior,” says Nicole Talge, a postdoctoral research associate in epidemiology at Michigan State University.

Full story at Futurity.

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  • Alexander

    This is a very informative post…This will make parents are more aware of the condition of the baby so that he can grow up well. I’m going to have a baby too and this post is very valuable for me…thank you.