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Backpack tips to prevent long-term hurt


As kids head back to school, their spanking new backpacks may just be carrying pens and pencils and a scientific calculator for good measure, but before long they’ll be stooped over with textbooks, assignments and month-old lunch remnants. With all the things a kid needs to carry (especially those without the luxury of lockers), the first lesson of this school year needs to be how to prevent damage down the road.

The physical therapists of Quentin Mease Community Hospital have a number of lessons for parents, administrators and teachers concerned about backpack safety, so grab your pencil and notebook and get ready to take some notes. School is now in session.

Five warning signs that a backpack is too heavy:

• Struggling to put on or take off the backpack

• Pain when wearing the backpack

• Tingling or numbness in the shoulders, arms or hands

• Red marks left on shoulders by shoulder straps

• Noticeable changes in posture

Full story at Newswise.

Lessons on backpacks.

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