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Beard my Baby: Instant maturity at the touch of a button


In today’s competitive world, a tot not schooled in the fundamentals of calculus before they’ve learned to wipe is destined for less-than-greatness, but your Facebook friends and Twitter followers don’t have to know thanks to the distance caused by today’s digital world and a handy little app from Ridiculo.us called Beard My Baby.

The makers of this long-awaited app were inspired by the “silent epidemic” of baby beardlessness, a problem they valiantly sought to tackle rather than live with in shame.

According to their Kickstarter page:

All that is about to change with the introduction of BeardMyBaby 2.0. BeardMyBaby is the first Infant Facial-Follicular iOS app, and the ONLY oneformulated for your baby’s soft skin.

BeardMyBaby 1.0 was a huge success around the world, but BeardMyBaby 2.0 is going to be bigger, better, and bearder, with more beards, better social integration, and an all-around better app experience.

No longer is it necessary to torture your younguns with awkward plastic mustache pacifiers or painful adhesives, just snap a shot, apply beard and post.


Poor child.

Your high school friends will be green with envy.

Full story at Kickstarter via Technabob.

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