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Beautiful white whale calf footage captured by drone cam

The Cetacean Research Unit at Murdoch University loves all things whale, but even they got excited when they caught this footage of a wee Moby Dick off south west Australia.

The team is excited about their collaboration with Aarhus University in Denmark that minimizes disturbance to the animals, but brings in an incredible amount of information about these amazing creatures.

The research team is using a suite of innovative technologies including suction cup tags and drones to assess fine-scale movements, acoustic communications, ambient noise, calf suckling rates and body condition of southern right whales. In doing so, Professor Bejder said the team hopes to better understand the behaviours of the whales in their breeding and calving grounds, and how human activities may influence behavioural patterns, including suckling rates of calves.

Full story at Murdoch University via CHEEZburger.

New tech in animal research.

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