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Become more likable by avoiding these 10 behaviors

We’ve heard a lot about the importance of having a high emotional IQ in the workplace, or in more old-fashioned terms, being likable.

Though certain people do seem to be born with winning personalities, the right behaviors automatically earn trust and respect, while others put people on edge.

Travis Bradberry at Entrepreneur focuses on what habits to avoid to up your likability.

1. Name-dropping

It’s great to know important and interesting people, but using every conversation as an opportunity to name-drop is pretentious and silly. Just like humble-bragging, people see right through it. Instead of making you look interesting, it makes people feel as though you’re insecure and overly concerned with having them like you. It also cheapens what you have to offer. When you connect everything you know with who you know (instead of what you know or what you think), conversations lose their color…

2. Emotional hijackings

My company provides 360° feedback assessments, and we come across far too many instances of people throwing things, screaming, making people cry and other telltale signs of an emotional hijacking. An emotional hijacking demonstrates low emotional intelligence. As soon as you show that level of instability, people will question whether or not you’re trustworthy and capable of keeping it together when it counts…

Full story at Entrepreneur.

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