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Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom for today’s entrepreneurs


Though being a Founding Father would have been more than enough to enshrine his name in the annals of history, Benjamin Franklin was never quite satisfied that his day’s work was done, adding scientist, musician, diplomat, printer, inventor and leading author of the times to his impressive resume.

Needless to say, this wasn’t a man who wasted time.

While we’re not sure if making cutting Facebook replies or garnering a huge Twitter following with his remarkable wit would have impeded his progress, it doesn’t hurt take some advice on productivity from a master of accomplishment, with the interpretive aid of Inc.’s Samuel Bacharach.

1. Start a group and share knowledge

When Franklin was 21, he was a struggling printer in Philadelphia. To increase his connections and to learn more about his industry, he created the Junto group-;a collection of tradesmen who wanted to better their craft and their community. The group had a large appetite for books, but books were expensive. Franklin helped start a library where books were bought and lent amongst Junto members. This sharing of knowledge, experience, and connections helped Franklin become a prominent and respected printer in Philadelphia.

The lesson for entrepreneurs: Find like-minded people and encourage discussion, conversation, and the exchange of ideas. A community of intellectual support will motivate you to get to work, sharpen your ideas, and impress your peers. Websites like Meetup.com and others make creating a local or even international group simple and easy.

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  • I think this is very good advice, especially for today’s young entrepreneurs. So many people get caught up in the daily grind that few actually get out and collaborate with other business owners. With our fast pace society and countless distractions, it only makes things worse.

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