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Best marketing idea ever: Budweiser red light lights up when your hockey team sc…

Best marketing idea ever: Budweiser red light lights up when your hockey team scores.

Budweiser is selling a lamp that lets your know when your team is about to play a game and then lights up when your team scores. (Maple Leaf fans won't see this very much.) Read more here:


The problem is that it's sold out right now.

Total hockey news: hockey.alltop.com


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  • It's a problem when it doesn't $ell, out of stock is a good sign. $upply and Demand an basic principle of Capitalism.

  • It's a clever idea. Not sure if will help sell more Budweiser though.

    But maybe just getting Budweiser name mentioned makes it worth it for them.

  • ouch on the leafs burn!  i will shamelessly use it and not credit you!

  • Yeah but you gotta love being in the loop every time your home / favourite team scores~  Go Canuckleheads!

  • Even if people don't drink Budweiser it's still revenue and advertising. This is a genius idea! You can be having a nice quiet dinner and still kinda know if your team is doing well. Kudos.

  • i gave up on the canucks (i am vancouver born and raised) when i saw that they STILL have not gotten rid of luongo!

  • +Derik DaSilva This would depend on your team's goalie too 🙂

  • Buy two. Replace one bulb with a blue one (blacklight?). Keep count in your head. Practice blackjack. Win lots of money.

    Multitasking! xD

    Edit: I just left the dentist. Sorry if I don't make sense. >. <

  • +Guy Kawasaki You just won with your Leaf comment. Gold! ahah!

  • Canadian still won't drink Crudweiser..

  • I wanted one as soon as I saw it!

  • +Chris Gillespie Lou's just in a slump… It's what happens when one stays exclusively in Lalaland, i.e. Da "Wet" Coast too long.  I love both the Canucks goalies… P.S. Don't forget what Lou has accomplished in his days as a goalie.  Kudos to Luongo~ Peace out!

  • Noah

    The Toronto Maple Leafs were 10th in scoring last year.
    More than the eventual Stanley Cup Champions and 19 other teams.

    Try harder.

  • George

    Why not add the light to World Cup soccer? I have one and its a waste just having it sit there when there’s no hockey going on.