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Best states to survive the zombie apocalypse [map]


Even if you’ve already spent the big bucks on survival gear for the pending zombie apocalypse (tentatively scheduled for December 21st of this very year), as they say in the real estate world, it’s all about “Location, location, location.”

Lucky for us (in California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia) Hopper Travel has run a few numbers concerning survival probabilities in these fifty, nifty United States based on criteria such as population, supplies (Walmarts) and geography to find out what how likely it is you’ll end up as part of the undead masses.

Full story at Hopper Travel via Buzzfeed.

The zombies are coming.

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  • Lennon Philo

    I’m sorry but this is a complete lie you want to hold out in the least populated areas like Vermont and New Hampshire.

  • Sman

    Califonia #1 the business end of the authors crack pipe is most likely still war to the touch.

  • Yoyo

    And its already 2014, LOLOLOLOL BIG FAIL TROLL

  • Comet

    Hey…Its 2015…I think least populated areas would be more likely to survive than more populated places such as New York, where the us person, next to person, next to person. When one gets infected, it will spread quickly. In less populated areas, one person could get infected, but it will be a while before they can reach another human. How long could they go without food? I mean, they ARE still people…No one can survive with out food. Also, scientists said that there is a brain parasite out there that can easily cause a zombie apocalypse.